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You are eager to invest in cryptocurrencies, but you don’t really know how? It is Cryptotrain’s mission to inform and guide you in your path as successfull Crypto-investor. CryptoTrain teaches you, with their unique method of training, how to realize capital gains with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin/ Alt- coins).
They do this through an extensive pre-training program followed by a 3-day seminar in a luxury setting in Spain.

Whilst diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, their relationship with 3D modelists is a bit more complicated.

The challenge

With the horror stories of people losing money in the crypto space due to scams, bad security etc… comes a biased audience. We had the challenge the convince the audience that CryptoTrain has the skills, experience and knowledge to guide them safely in the world of cryptocurrencies. For this challenge we choose to explore how to take advantage of webinars for both prospects and existing customers.

CryptoTrain were looking to us to provide full end-to-end support to setup, run, advertise and track the webinar. From platform selection and content support, through to managing the webinar experience and implementing a post-event lead nurturing solution – we guided them every step of the way.

The strategy

We kickstarted the campaign with a strategy brainstorm session which lead us to the triangle strategy we stuck to throughout the campaign.

A webinar can only succeed when the content is right. To determine the content, we used the following 6 biases as a rule of thumb. These are cognitive biases that influence purchase decision-making. As people explore and evaluate, cognitive biases shape their purchase behavior and influence why they choose one product/service over another. While many hundreds of these biases exist, we prioritized these six in our research. These biases formed the basis of our content strategy.

The implementation

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