Ending the year with holiday web design trends


Ending the year with holiday web design trends

Holiday skins & themes

Although some might be favourable of the traditional green & red, yet there are plenty of other colours that are possible to use and some sites are proving this. In fact all colours are usable as long as the aesthetics are precise. With hints of glitters on dark mode designs and bold pops of colour to emphasise the holiday, it’s an extra fun way to be creative. Some examples that might give you inspiration.

Traditional red & green

Nike – They approached the holiday season on their website with a strategic blend of their iconic black and white theme, incorporating accents of festive red velvet and dark olive green within select images. These vibrant additions serve as eye-catching contrasts against the prevailing starkness of the black and white aesthetic. The judicious use of these colours strategically highlights specific elements, swiftly capturing the user’s attention and directing focus toward their holiday collection. This thoughtful approach not only maintains Nike’s signature style but also effectively entices visitors, ensuring a visually compelling and engaging experience while showcasing their seasonal offerings.

Colourful and daring

Zalando – The display of their winter collection, showcased in a vibrant hue of screaming purple, stands out as a bold and confident statement. Embracing the season with a daring choice of color, this display catches the eye and exudes an aura of distinctiveness. The use of such an intense and striking shade not only commands attention but also communicates a sense of style and audacity, setting the tone for a fashion-forward and impactful winter collection presentation.

Asos – Asos adopted a vibrant and lively approach on their website for this holiday season, employing bold and striking colored shapes and borders. They ingeniously mixed neon solid colors with gradient backgrounds, creating an electrifying visual spectacle. This dynamic use of color not only adds a playful and festive vibe but also enhances the online shopping experience, infusing it with excitement and energy. By incorporating these eye-catching elements, ASOS presents a refreshing and joyful ambiance, in other words a special way to get festive and have fun online shopping experience.

Dark modus & Neon

Retool – The web design stands out with its sleek and captivating aesthetic, embracing a dark mode theme adorned with luminous green neon accents. The neon touches cleverly adorn letters, graphic elements, and buttons, creating a mesmerising visual journey for users. The strategic placement of these glowing elements effortlessly leads the viewer’s gaze from the brand identity through to the main headline and seamlessly directs attention towards the call-to-action buttons. This meticulous arrangement not only enhances the site’s visual appeal but also intuitively guides users along an unconscious yet purposeful eye-tracking path, ensuring a seamless and engaging browsing experience.


Designing holiday-themed websites without succumbing to holiday fatigue is an exciting prospect for this season. It’s important to note that employing subtle alterations in colours, language, and elements can wonderfully evoke the holiday ambiance for users.

Moreover, these design elements have the potential to transition smoothly into the new year, enabling you to introduce visual changes without the necessity of a complete design overhaul for every holiday occasion. Wishing you delightful designs for the holidays!

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