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EXKi Meal Box: Navigating Digital Challenges

The EXKi Meal Box initiative, in partnership with Ekomenu, presented unique challenges in harmonizing user experience across brand environments. The campaign's digital aspect focused on creating a seamless transition from EXKi's marketing channels to Ekomenu's conversion platform.

Enhancing the User Journey amid Complexity

The core of our digital strategy was centered on optimizing the EXKi Meal Box landing page. Our primary challenge was to maintain a coherent user experience despite the transition from EXKi’s branded environment to Ekomenu's purchasing system. We aimed to create a frictionless path, ensuring that customers could navigate between the sites with ease.

Efforts were made to enhance the landing page's usability, emphasizing clarity to minimize potential confusion and dropout during the handoff process. Despite strategic efforts to create a user-friendly interface and guide users smoothly to Ekomenu’s checkout, the conversion process revealed the intricacies of directing traffic across different digital ecosystems.

Addressing Conversion Barriers

Recognizing the complexities that come with managing customer expectations across two separate digital realms, we implemented measures to help users adjust to the switch from EXKi to Ekomenu. This included clear messaging, consistent branding elements, and step-by-step guidance to reassure users as they progressed through the conversion funnel.

While the transition did not yield the conversion rates we aspired to, it provided valuable insights into customer behavior and the critical nature of a unified digital experience. The campaign underscored the importance of a cohesive strategy when merging paths with partner platforms.

Learning and Looking Forward

The EXKi Meal Box campaign offered a practical learning curve in dealing with cross-brand collaborations online. It highlighted the importance of a meticulously crafted user journey, especially when crossing into third-party domains. These learnings are crucial stepping stones for refining future strategies and enhancing the effectiveness of similar partnerships.

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