Hoorcentrum Aerts

Continuous growth with Hoorcentrum Aerts

Deldico has been working hand in hand with Hoorcentrum Aerts for over two years, shaping a marketing journey that goes beyond just single campaigns. Together, we've focused on steady growth and innovative marketing to help Hoorcentrum Aerts grow their presence and strengthen their brand in the Flemish hearing care market.

Introducing our client Hoorcentrum Aerts

Starting from their roots in Herentals and expanding across Flanders, Hoorcentrum Aerts is a true specialist in hearing care. With a focus on the newest hearing technologies and a strong tradition of customer service, they provide tailored advice and hearing solutions. Hoorcentrum Aerts is recognized for taking the time to understand each customer's unique needs, ensuring that their path to better hearing is smooth and personalized.

The Continuous Mandate

Our enduring mission with Hoorcentrum Aerts has been to foster a substantial increase in their market footprint, expanding their reach to over 50 shops within Flanders. This mission has been two-fold: to not only elevate brand awareness and sales activities at a local level but also to usher in a new era of digital sophistication that aligns with contemporary consumer behavior and marketplace dynamics.

The Strategic Evolution

Our ongoing alliance with Hoorcentrum Aerts is built on delivering an impactful marketing strategy that adapts to changing landscapes and consumer behaviors. We focus on creating a cohesive and forward-thinking narrative that not only drives growth but also enhances the brand’s presence across Flanders.

Streamlined Digital Advertising

In the realm of Digital Advertising, we've streamlined our approach to ensure Hoorcentrum Aerts remains a key player online: Google Ads: With precise campaigns, we make sure that Hoorcentrum Aerts is seen by those searching for hearing care solutions, directing them to the right place. Social Media Advertising: Our ongoing strategic planning and execution across social platforms aim to foster lasting connections with diverse audiences, driving engagement and loyalty.

Guidance in Traditional Media Channels

Our expertise is also applied in shaping the presence of Hoorcentrum Aerts in traditional media: Television: We offer strategic insights to amplify brand visibility through TV advertising, capitalizing on its wide reach. Print Media: In print, we act as consultants, ensuring that these efforts work hand in hand with our digital strategies to create a unified brand message that resonates locally.

The Resultant Growth

The consistent management of Hoorcentrum Aerts' marketing initiatives has not just been about amplifying a message—it's been about creating a resonant brand experience that stands the test of time. Our marketing expertise has facilitated a continuous influx of customers and a solidified market presence, evidenced by measurable growth in brand engagement, customer acquisition, and sales performance.

Looking to the future, Deldico remains committed to driving Hoorcentrum Aerts' success through a proactive, data-driven marketing strategy. Our focus remains on optimizing the current marketing ecosystem while staying attuned to emerging trends and technologies, ensuring that Hoorcentrum Aerts remains synonymous with auditory excellence in Flanders.

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