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Amplifying Hearing Protection Awareness With Hoorcentrum Aerts & Influencers

For Hoorcentrum Aerts, the challenge was to connect with a younger audience and raise awareness about hearing protection in an environment where it’s often overlooked: the vibrant festival scene. To achieve this, we developed a unique campaign centred around influential DJs and artists.

Influencer Collaboration for Awareness

Our approach leveraged the power of relatability and influence. We partnered with four DJs, key figures in the music industry, to create a series of straightforward yet impactful videos. These showcased each DJ visiting Hoorcentrum Aerts for a hearing consultation, underscoring the importance of customised hearing protection, especially for those regularly exposed to high-decibel environments.

Content and Strategy

Consultation Videos: The influencers were filmed during their hearing consultations, highlighting the professional service of Hoorcentrum Aerts and the creation of personalised hearing protection.

Simplified Messaging: The video content was edited to emphasize clear, simple messaging about hearing risks and the easy steps to protection, tailored to resonate with a youthful audience.

Digital Outreach: We strategically released these videos across digital channels where they would be most effective, targeting demographics likely to attend loud music events.

Campaign Results​

The influencer videos served as a testimonial to the importance of hearing health, making the concept more approachable for the younger demographic. It wasn't just about selling a product; it was about promoting a lifestyle choice that values long-term hearing health.

Ongoing Commitment

This campaign forms part of our ongoing partnership with Hoorcentrum Aerts, reflecting our continuous commitment to adapt our strategies to meet the needs of diverse audiences. By communicating the brand's expertise in a direct and engaging way, we’ve helped Hoorcentrum Aerts become recognized as a trusted partner in hearing health, especially among those for whom music is not just entertainment, but a way of life.

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