A Strategic Partnership in Spanish Luxury Real Estate Marketing

As a dynamic digital marketing agency, Deldico specializes in crafting innovative strategies that drive results. Our expertise spans across various digital domains, focusing on delivering measurable success to our clients.

Renowned for their portfolio in luxury spanish real estate, J&Geerts Real Estate has established itself as a leader in the high-end property market. Their dedication to excellence resonates with their clientele’s sophisticated needs. In this partnership,

Deldico's role as an all-round strategic partner has been pivotal in scaling J&Geerts’ market presence and optimizing their lead generation process for a high-value clientele.

Strategic partnership understanding J&Geerts' Unique market position.

Deldico embraced the role of a strategic ally, thoroughly understanding J&Geerts’ unique market position and tailoring strategies to enhance their brand visibility and market dominance.

Our approach was twofold; firstly, developing a robust lead generation strategy targeting potential buyers at the peak of their purchase intent, and secondly, ensuring ongoing maintenance and optimization of these campaigns to maximize efficiency and results.

Envisioning Luxury: A Strategic Approach to Visual Storytelling through video

we recognize the power of visual storytelling, especially in the luxury real estate market. Our approach to content creation for J&Geerts Real Estate was meticulously designed to capture the essence of luxury living. Each video was not just a showcase of a property, but a narrative that invited potential buyers into a world of exclusivity and elegance.

Understanding the diverse portfolio of J&Geerts, a range of videos, each tailored to the unique selling points of different properties was created. From urban luxury apartments to sprawling countryside estates, the videos highlighted the distinct features and lifestyles each property offered, appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.

Maximizing impact and market reach through advertising for leads.

Our team implemented targeted ad campaigns across Meta and Google platforms, leveraging advanced targeting techniques and continuously optimizing for performance, thus ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

The collaboration led to a remarkable amount in qualified leads with a 30% higher conversion rate compared to other agents. Engagement rates on content saw a significant boost, with video content achieving a significantly higher engagement rate.

Deldico is committed to continuing this fruitful partnership with J&Geerts, exploring new avenues and strategies to further cement their position as a market leader in luxury spanish real estate.

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