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Optimizing Recruitment with advanced Lead Generation

Finding the right candidates is a critical challenge for many businesses. At Deldico, we specialize in using lead generation specifically in this case by ensuring our clients to find the perfect candidate for each of their job vacancies. Read more below and explore how we helped our client Palmhouses and T&T Design overcoming their recruitment hurdles.

T&T Design seeks Independent Interior Consultant

T&T Design needed independent interior consultants/advisors who could cater to diverse demographics. Our strategy focused on creating personalized social advertisements tailored to different audience segments:

1. Demographic Targeting:
We segmented our target audience into groups such as students, young professionals, seniors, career switchers, and those seeking extra income. Each segment received customized ads that highlighted how the role fit their specific needs and lifestyle. For instance, ads targeting students emphasized flexible working hours, while those aimed at seniors highlighted stability and experience.

2. Compelling Storytelling
Each ad told a story that resonated with the particular audience segment. We used testimonials from current employees, showcasing their experiences and the benefits of working with T&T Design. This approach created a personal connection with potential candidates, increasing their interest in the role.

3. Multi-Platform Campaigns:

We ran these personalized campaigns across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and local job boards. This ensured we reached the right candidates wherever they were most active. We also utilized geotargeting to focus on regions with a higher density of potential candidates.


The campaign for T&T Design was highly effective. We attracted over 700 applicants, with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. The personalized approach resonated well with each demographic, resulting in a high number of quality applications. T&T Design successfully filled their independent interior consultant positions within two months, ensuring they had the right team to meet their customers' needs.

in search for Appointment Setter & Listing Agent

For Palmhouses, finding skilled appointment setters and listing agents was essential for their success in the competitive real estate market. Here’s how we approached the task:

1. Job Ad Personalization:
We crafted detailed job advertisements that highlighted the benefits of working with Palmhouses, emphasizing career growth opportunities, attractive compensation packages, and a supportive work environment. This helped attract candidates who were not only qualified but also aligned with the company’s values and culture.

2. Targeted Campaigns:
Utilizing social media platforms, job boards, and professional networks, we launched targeted campaigns aimed at professionals with relevant experience and interest in real estate. We used sophisticated targeting options to reach individuals who had previously shown interest in similar roles or industries.

3. Data-Driven Strategy:
By leveraging data analytics, we tracked the performance of our campaigns in real-time. This allowed us to refine our approach, optimizing ad placements, and messaging to maximize reach and engagement. We focused on metrics such as click-through rates, application rates, and the quality of applicants to ensure the best possible outcomes.


The campaign for Palmhouses was a resounding success. We received over 500 applications for the appointment setter role and 300 for the listing agent position. The quality of candidates was exceptional, with many having extensive experience in real estate. Palmhouses was able to fill both positions within six weeks, significantly reducing their time-to-hire and enhancing their operational efficiency.

The Power of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial component of our recruitment strategy. By identifying and engaging potential candidates early in the process, we can nurture their interest and guide them towards applying for relevant positions. Here’s how lead generation played a key role in our success with Palmhouses and T&T Design:

1. Building a Candidate Pipeline:
We created a pipeline of potential candidates by engaging with individuals who showed interest in similar roles or industries. This proactive approach ensured we had a ready pool of candidates to tap into when vacancies arose.

2. Targeted Outreach:
Our lead generation efforts involved targeted outreach to candidates who matched the desired profile for each role. By using data-driven insights and advanced targeting techniques, we were able to reach individuals who were more likely to be a good fit for the positions.

3. Engaging Content:
We used engaging content, such as blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters, to keep potential candidates informed and interested in our clients' job opportunities. This helped maintain a high level of engagement and interest among potential candidates.

4. Nurturing Relationships:
Lead generation is not just about identifying candidates; it’s about building and nurturing relationships. We maintained regular communication with potential candidates, providing them with relevant updates and information about job opportunities. This helped build trust and rapport, making candidates more likely to apply when suitable positions became available.


Effective recruitment is about more than just posting job ads; it’s about understanding your audience and creating targeted, compelling campaigns. At Deldico, we use advanced lead generation techniques and personalized advertising strategies to help our clients find the perfect candidates. Our work with Palmhouses and T&T Design demonstrates how tailored approaches can yield exceptional results, reducing time-to-hire and improving the quality of applicants.

Whether you’re in real estate or an exclusive furniture shop, our customized strategies can help fill your vacancies with top talent. For more insights on how we can help your business grow, do not hesitate to contact us!

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