Lifted revenue with Discovery ads


Connections is a travel agency and is one of the largest Belgian travel providers. Connections offers cheap airline tickets and complete trips to destinations worldwide from various tour operators. If you would like to discover the world in a free and adventurous way, then Connections is the right place for you. Connections offers its own travel brochures for the United States, Canada, Asia and South America. For New York, Connections is the undisputed market leader.

Connections is a travel agency and is one of the largest Belgian travel providers.


Connections’s online sales were massively impacted by COVID-19 lockdown measures. Prior to the pandemic, the majority of the brand’s marketing budget was spent on search engine marketing. However, since people were sitting at home and not planning a trip abroad anytime soon, it needed to identify other channels to raise awareness about their new stay-cation concept and deliver a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). With its existing Google Ads digital strategy originally focused on Search campaigns, the brand turned to Discovery ads as a new solution to help the business’s Connections Basecamp concept.


We built the new campaigns around new customer acquisition and closing the loop with its existing customer base. We were able to leverage the power of automation for its bids, creative, and first-party data. We reengaged previous website visitors by using the same imagery we created for its social campaigns for the Discovery carousel layout, pairing rich creative with intent-based audiences and remarketing campaigns.


Thanks to its omnichannel marketing campaign strategy, Connections’s Discovery ads campaign not only proved that the company could drive traffic to the brand’s website at an effective cost-per-click, but also that it could drive incremental sales and a strong return on investment.