Talking about upcoming design font trends for back to school september 2023!


Talking about upcoming design font trends for back to school september 2023!

September… the month of relief for most parents but despised by the youth.. yet, there are no worries needed because some upcoming design trends will help you get ready! What’s great about this trend is that you do not have to be a student to appreciate it. The “back to school” atmosphere is not exclusive for schools, group of youngsters wandering in the streets from one café to the other, gen Z etc.

Ever thought about why graphic tees are so cool & trending this year? Well, it’s not only because they are comfy but it is also all about the unique art and expressive fonts. These are not regular shirts anymore but an art that is worthy to show off.. perfect for back to school! Yet, of course for our youngsters, it still depends on the type of graphic it has to make sure it is still appropriate… but since we are focussing on the trending fonts, let’s get to it! We’ll give a shortlist of some new trending typefaces that will make your fashion choices or any artwork standout. From rough serifs to geometric delights, our font selection showcases the interesting way of expressing our own values, style or mood.

Mall goth fonts: Due to its sharp edges and smoky-like form it does express a lot of a personal opinion on the world. In fact these fonts are mostly accompanied with graphic chains or skulls and got its popularity from the punk revival in graphic design. The popularity of the trend is often linked to anti-establishment expressions normalized as a counterbalance to economic austerity and political systems.

Liquid chrome: This one has a very carefree and “go with the flow” type of appearance completely with a metallic sheen and melting. This font came from the era of Y2K, sci-fi themes but now innovated with more focus on 3D-graphics and its texture. In this way, the trend expresses a desire to escape hardships in this world, yet recognising that escapism is an imperfect, twisted solution.

Distorted fonts: The main purpose of a font is to be as clear and readable as possible, often best when the reader is barely aware of it. However, since we are talking about ‘back to school’ ambiance, designers are serving more distorted fonts that border on complete illegibility. These are fonts that are either hidden from view by superimposed graphics, images or contain letterforms that are distorted beyond recognition. Why? Because there is this one advantage is that these fonts demand attention, it asks the reader to concentrate and use context clues to decipher the meaning, which is rather mysterious.

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