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Vita Coco's Strategic Campaign

Vita Coco, the world’s leading coconut water brand, also wants to claim the growing Belgian market. Vita Coco is known for its refreshing, natural 100% coconut water. Some of its unique selling points (USPs) include its hydrating nature, low calorie count and the presence of essential minerals and electrolytes.

The main objectives were to increase brand awareness within the core target audience, generate high-quality website traffic and create multiple marketing touchpoints during a crucial period, the beginning of the summer period. From a multi-channel approach, the strategy was to highlight Vitacoco’s various USPs and moments of use to the largest possible target group in a short period of time, with contact that would maximise both reach and impact.

Target audience

Vita coco’s end-consumer target market consists of a broad profile. For the launch, however, it opted to focus on the core target group which consists of Primarily young adult women, with an active lifestyle and a preference for environmentally conscious and natural products. The target group appreciates authenticity, has a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and looks for products that are both healthy and convenient. It is socially engaged, trend-sensitive, and is digitally savvy.

Strategy & Execution

1. Integrated Marketing Strategy:

To achieve our ambitious goals, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that spanned across various media outlets and digital platforms. The campaign was designed and structured in the following two branches:
• Collaboration with Media Partner - Flair
• Social Media Content and Influencer Marketing

2. Collaboration with Media Partner - Flair:

To ensure the entire Flair community would be reached, a multi-channel strategy was adopted within the Flair brand with concern for maximum impact per medium and customised content and creatives.

• 1st Segment: Print Campaign - We conducted a dual-language print campaign featuring 2 double covers in both the Flemish and French editions of Flair over a period of 3 weeks, ensuring wide visibility and repetition on a premium position in the print magazine.

• 2nd Segment: Digital & Online Advertorials - This included an online advertorial and a traffic plan consisting of an advertorial box, newsletter integration, and a social boost to ensure the achievement of our objectives. This segment ran for a period of at least three weeks or longer if the goals were not met. This phase ran from June 3, 2024, to June 23, 2024.

• 3rd Segment: Social Media Pack - Content was created by the media partner according to our specific guidelines and objectives. The social pack consisted of 1 IG Reel, 4 IG stories, and 1 TikTok post in both French and Dutch. The posts were distributed via Facebook and TikTok as both organic content and paid ads.

Performance Metrics Compared to Expected Results

Dutch version

French version

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Average Time on Page
0 %
Cost Per View (lower than projected)​
0 %
0 %
Average Time on Page
0 %
Cost Per View (lower than projected)​
0 %

3. Social Media Content and Influencer Marketing:

The second branch of the overall campaign focused on social media and influencer marketing. We launched a cost-effective content campaign using creators from our database to create authentic, creative, and high-quality content. This content was used on both the influencer/creator channels and Vita Coco's channels, supported by an ad campaign.

• Social Media Advertising: - We executed focused campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, leveraging top-tier ad spaces to connect with our health-conscious target market efficiently.

• Youtube Advertising - We executed focused campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, leveraging top-tier ad spaces to connect with our health-conscious target market efficiently.

• Google Ads: - Enhanced Vita Coco’s search engine visibility through optimized Google Ads, making it easier for potential customers to find pertinent product information quickly.

Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge was navigating the competitive premium beverages market in Belgium while managing a multichannel campaign across language barriers. Continuous performance analysis and strategy adjustments were essential. Direct communication and precise coordination with our media partner were key to aligning diverse partners and achieving our goals. Working with an external media partner and a specific brand required a lot of communication and close monitoring to create a win-win situation. Additionally, finding the perfect match between brand and creator for the influencer/content creator campaign required utmost effort, direct supervision, and clear communication.


This campaign demonstrated the power of strategic collaboration and targeted marketing. By focusing on high-value target groups and utilizing a variety of marketing channels, we successfully increased traffic, engagement, and brand awareness. The outcomes exceeded our expectations, showcasing Vita Coco's premium products and leaving a lasting impression on both existing and new audiences.


Our partnership with Flair and the comprehensive multichannel approach effectively launched Vita Coco as a potential leading coconut water brand in Belgium. This case study exemplifies how strategic planning and execution can achieve significant market penetration and audience engagement.

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